Description of the elements of the Coat of Arms for Thabazimbi Local Municipality:

  • The Sun: Symbolizes a brighter future for the municipality.
  • The Dansitty (horizontal w shape):This shape represents the mountain ranges that create the spectacular scenic beauty that characterizes the plains of Thabazimbi and the Greater Waterberg area. It is also related to the name of the municipality,"Thaba" meaning mountain while "Zimbi" means iron.
  • The Hut:Symbolizes the need for unity and encourages all people regardless of race, colour and creed to feel that the town is their home. The Hut also represents the cultural and traditional life of the people of Thabazimbi
  • The Symbol for Iron:Representing the mining activities in Thabazimbi which are one of the major economic mainstays of the town.
  • The Leopard: As one of the Big Five animals that's found in Thabazimbi. The leopard is a strong animal. It's represents the collective strength and resolve of the people of Thabazimbi to build a prosperous town for all.
  • The Steel Wheel: Represents the strong agricultural pillar within the broader economic sector of Thabazimbi.
  • The Cycad: A unique species found in Marakele National Park and surrounds that represents the booming tourism industry from which all the people in Thabazimbi should benefit.
  • The Leaves: Symbolizes the natural environment and scenic beauty of the area.

Description of the colours of the Coat of Arms of Thabazimbi Municipality:

  • Red: The rich soil upon which our livelihood depends that must be sustainably exploited for future generations.
  • Blue: Represents the ever important dependence on the water elements we find in the Crocodile River, streams and underground water resources.
  • Yellow: Symbolizes a break with the past, beckoning a brighter, prosperous future for Thabazimbi and all who live in it.
  • Green: Represents the natural environment.