Functions of Community Services

The responsibilities of this unit are:
  • Cemeteries
  • Sport and recreation facilities
  • Halls
Functions of Maintanance/Service Delievery
-The evaluation of the needs of the respective communities in respect of the provision, planning and development of open spaces for community parks, community halls, recreation and sport facilities and also the cemeteries.
NB. A survey on cemeteries, sports ground, recreation facilities and community halls is still conducted. The report will be compiled and furnished to you as soon as it is done.
This unit is divided into two:
  • LED (Local Economic Development)
  • CBS (Community Based Projects)
LED (Local Economic Project)
The following are identified LED projects in our municipality:
  a. Hydroponic
  b. Ithuteng Skills Development Centre

CBP (Community Based Project)
The following are identified CBP Projects:
1. Northam Tourism ProjectNorthamBeats and Basket
2. Rethabile Sewing ProjectNorthamSewing
3. Tshwaraganang Women's clubRegorogile 2Polish and Perfume
4. Betlang Close Co-operationAppiesdoringCarpentry
5. Butterland BakeryRegorogileBakery
6. Tsoga o itirele ProjectSwartklip 
7. Poultry ProjectRegorogilePoultry
8. Bakery ProjectRooibergBakery
9. Poultry ProjectRooibergPoultry

Functions of Project unit
  • To regulate the activities of the hawkers/ street traders trading on both sides of the road.
  • To check the training needs
  • To facilitate workshops through Department of Labour and other sectors.
  • To have a database on Community projects.
  • To promote Community ownership of projects.
Activities that require an environmental impact assessment due to their potential to have a detrimental impact on the environment are identified by the Environmental Conservation Act of 1989 as:
  1. Sullage
  2. Storm water
  3. Sewerage
  4. Solid waste
Functions of Environmental Affairs unit
  • To manage solid and waste so as to protect health of the community.
  • To effectively prevent human, economic and property losses and avoiding environmental degradation.
  • To conduct consumer education on environmental affairs
  • To provide a safe living and working environment for inhabitants of Thabazimbi Municipality.
Our relationship with Community structures is been exceptionally well.
The following structures are referred to:
   a. CPF (Community Policing Forum)
   b. Ward Committees
   c. NGO's (Non governmental organizations)

Functions of Community Participation unit
  • To educate community and assign appropriate people to educate them on functions of Council and the importance of service delivery.
  • To inform the community about the developments and progress made by the Council.
  • To establish strategic partnerships with the community.
  • To access the community's expertise and therefore use it to reach our targeted goals.
  • To ensure effective community participation in all spheres of our Municipality.
  • To establish monitoring training as well as providing support services to the Ward Committees.
  • Implementation of the municipal community participation policies.
  • Provide monthly report on community participation.
  • Reporting on the impact of Community Participation and making recommendations.
In order to instill an integrated approach, Community services had to establish a closer synergy with the following departments and stakeholders:
    a. Dept. of Health and Welfare
    b. Dept. of Public Works
    c. Dept. of Education
    d. Dept of Home Affairs
    e. Dept of Agriculture
    f. Dept of Roads and Transport
    g. Dept. of Local Government and Housing
    h. Dept of Sport, Art and Culture
    i. Dept of Justice
    j. Mining industries
    k. SAPS

Functions of Intergovernmental Relations unit
  • To be actively involved in combating crime initiatives in conjunction with SAPS.
  • To encourage community to apply for Identity documents at Home Affairs.
  • To encourage community to go for learner-ship programmes at Dept. of Public Works
  • To liaise with the above mentioned departments for information that needs community participation.
This unit comprises of the following:

   a. Sport activities
   b. Art and Culture activities
   c. Recreational activities

Functions of Sport, Art, Culture and Recreation unit
  • To ensure the success of sport, art, culture and recreation development in our community.
  • To facilitate, regulate and promote sport, art, culture and recreation interaction among all stakeholders.
  • Promote awareness with regard to HIV/AIDS in the form of sport, art and culture.
This unit is comprised of the following sub-units of which are challenges facing Community Services and our municipality at large:
  1. RDP houses
  2. Backyard shacks (How many?)
  3. Council hostel (Require further upgrading)
  4. Informal settlement
  5. Council owed housing stock
  6. Street people (without any form of shelter)
  7. Project management capacity to deliver
  8. Urban development
  9. Subsidy houses
Functions of Housing units
  • To maintain a database reflecting the housing need:
    _ Maintain housing file/ stand file _ Research on housing needs within the municipality _ Communicates with portfolio committee of housing
  • To process the housing subsidy applications.
    _Filing housing subsidy applications forms for beneficiaries. _Follow up on the process of the application.
  • To attend housing meeting and provide secretarial function.
  • To liaise with Dept. of Local Government and Housing.
  • Handle all enquiries regarding housing issues.
  • Act as Project Managers for all RDP housing projects.
  • Draft and compile housing report.