Thabazimbi Municipality Youth Advisory Centre is located at Northam within the Municipality area. It is the platform for the Municipality to provide accurate, quality and up to date information to the youth. The core business of the Youth Advisory Centre (YAC) is to practically implement the Youth Development Policies, e.g. National Youth Policy, National Youth Development Framework Strategy and all skill related policies and Strategies.

The youth advisory is a walk in point where we provide information , counseling support, training and referral services. We also should conduct outreach services to communities that are unable to access the offices by taking career, skills development and entrepreneurial related information to youth in their communities. In summary the centre offers information and support across a wide range of issues and topics related to employment such as: •Basic computer skills
-Learning basic computer literacy
•Entrepreneurship skills
-Developing a Business Plan
-Finding enterprise support
-Accessing entrepreneurship opportunities
•Life skills
-Development of life and labour market preparedness skills
Objectives of the YAC •To provide access to information on education and training, employment, self employment, citizenship, health and wellbeing.
•To provide access to internet services for livelihoods information and computers for typing livelihoods related documents like CV's.
•General Career counseling.
•To facilitate understanding of UYF products and services and also to facilitate easy access to UYF products and services.